Greenwood Centre, Ironbridge, Shropshire.
The Green Wood Centre is part of the national woodland charity, the Small Woods Association.GWC is an interpretation centre for woodland management, coppicing, sustainable building and other sustainable technologies
Working Horses in Forestry
professional working horses service to woodland managers, owners and contractors
Jon Warnes
Good selection of Greenwood working tool supplier
Shrewsbury Open Studios Infomation
Details of artists for the Shrewsbury Open Studios 2009
A Low Impact Woodland Home
Well worth looking at!
Excellent selection of woodworking tools
The Smallwoods Association.
The Small Woods Association supports the sustainable management of woodlands and the production and marketing of wood products for local markets. We provide services to woodland owners, practitioners and producers.
Replicolour - Recommended Printers
See web site for further details
The Lammas project
Pioneering "Low-Impact Development"
with a combination of land-based livelihoods,
carbon-neutral houses which blend into the landscape,
and a positive contribution to society.

Lammas is currently applying for planning permission to build an ecovillage in Wales which combines the traditional smallholding model with the latest innovations in environmental design, green technology and permaculture.
Gudrun Leitz
Green Woodworking courses